Love this place!!! Gluten free pizza is amazing here and they have excellent customer service when it comes to a “mess up”. You will have my business for life if you keep up the good work and great food!

– Angela Altherton
Ordered a taco pizza and breadsticks for lunch yesterday. It showed up at my house quickly and was delicious! Usually when we order pizza we have left overs not this time. Thanks for the awesome service!

– Kathryn Guy
Love love love this week’s mug club special ! Date night for $10 rocks!

– Heather Maslowski
The best Pizza in town and the staff is great!

– David Lee
5 star Best Cowpoke pizza ever!

– Becky Roberts
After 1700 miles on the road, this is the best food we have found. GREAT food and service. Very good local beer. You won’t regret this stop!GREAT food and staff. I would recommend to anyone.

– Mark P.
Best pizza we have had, possibly ever! Flavorful crust, quality ingredients, and generous toppings. We had Black Tooth Amber to go with the pizza, and to top it all off, we had our favorite ice cream in the whole world, Wilcoxson’s Montana Moose Moss. What a great spot….too bad we are passing through in an RV. Lucky people who live in Sheridan!

– Judy B.